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Awesome delivery, pleasured Anna Thanks for all. Recommend 1000%
InnosDaOc   2015-03-16
good supportıng service playermall number 1
SupLee   2015-01-25
I hâve some speak english but playermall night time send me fast gold and
SupLee   2015-01-25
Nice job finally got it
Lancer7474   2014-11-03
Everything went nicely, really smooth!
bananelobalaba   2014-10-21
Bought 100 gold as a first shopping and it arrived within less than 1 hour. player...
deposito   2014-10-15
good and very good suport =)
ramasuri   2014-10-12

Safe delivery method: auction house(we cover 5% fee)

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archeage is a great mmorpg developped by korea game company xl gams.what is xl games?Jake Song left NCSoft in March 2003 and formed his own company, XL Games, where an online racing game called XL Racing was being developed but has now been dropped.Jake Song is a great mmorpg game developper. he create the mmorpg lineage.

archeage world have two continents: Nuia (Elves), and Harihara (Ferres).archeage world is really free,you can do what you want in the game.choose any classes and skills.don't have any restrictions.

archeage have 4 big races below:

spiritual Nuians and secretive Elves nomadic Firran and cunning Harani

players can control the archeage in game econom.Gatherers, crafters, and traders are the engine that change ArcheAge gold market. you can have cool skills to craft items.and create the in game house can trade the item  very easy.

the best method to farm archeage gold is buying blueprints/certificates for guild and sell it to auction house for profit.

you can also use pve to farm archeage gold,doing instances for rare items and armor.

you can also farm goats,farm goats give you 15g per 24 hours,you can also farm regs you need go to farm know what can make need watch the auction house,check which item have good drop and farm it.

Northern Continent is also a good place to farm archeage gold . ask your guild mates to farm with you,this is a good gold can earn a lot of gold there.

i have not buy game gold before,i am thinking about a i found by google,i already use playermall many is really easy to use this site.just click the game and select server,just pay even don't need register on the site.register take a lot of time.but i would suggest you check stock before you order,go to their live chat and ask the live chat support.Log on the game,get your mobile phone ready.playermall may do some phone verify.

pls remember write down correct archeage char name,if you spell wrong,you will not get your gold,anyway,this site is a good place to buy gold.but playermall should deliver the gold more faster,because i waited 30 min for i would give this site a 4 star.

archeage online gold spammer ruin the archeage online now,there are tons of spammer in game now.all of those spammer are gold selling sites.they spam again and again,and you can not even say a word in the chat system.spam is not bad,but you can not even block all the spammers.

gold sellers always change the name and the spam content.they can find a method to stop player block adding a space at the start of their name,if trion block their site,spammers will find another method to spam the site.they add space or ****,they will find many ways to keep spam.
ok,this is my idea to stop the gold spam in game.

i would suggest player can have an option to limit the chat character.if i limit it to 200 msgs,other text after 200 character will cut off,so i can not see it,i only see the 200  character.every one can  customize character limit in the game client.this may be the best method to stop spam in spammers can spam,but they can only spam 15-20 messages at one time,other spam you will not see it.i hope trion guys will think about this

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