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dofus kamas

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Dofus kamas is the main currency in dofus online game,Dofus is a free-to-play MMORPG set in an amusing, colorful and enchanting world. Find all of the Dofus – dragon eggs that grant their bearers amazing power – and become the greatest hero in all of Amakna! Featuring a distinctive visual style, deep turn based strategy combat and numerous classes and customization options, Dofus is easily one of the most impressive 2D MMORPG’s ever made. Go on an epic adventure on the back of your mount, explore the lush forests, deserted islands and lively cities filled with wacky people.

you can buy dofus kamas with ogrines from the offical dofus game company, you can exchange kamas with ogrines can not get banned. you can buy ogrines from the offical game store,then you can exchange ogrines to any in game items and services.But i think the offical kamas exchange rate is too can get more cheaper kamas from other players on player to player trade platform. The player's inventory can carry 1 trillion Kamas max. The symbol for Kama is a styled 'K'. Any NPC or other game price using K means Kama.

How To Make Dofus Kamas?

 you can make dofus kamas by crafting,you need go to buy those cheap materials to craft items, and then sell your crafting items for good profit. i made hundreds of millions kamas by this method,you can not make kamas fast by this method,but this is a good kamas making method for new players. because of the dofus mass undercutting,the value of items significantly decreases,if you try to make dofus kamas by selling resources,it will be hard. Dont keep any item in your inventory,just sell every resources you have.because many resources market price can drop a lot .

you can also make kamas by daily quests.Almanax is only profitable maybe half the time, check the kamas reward before buying items to make sure you will profit. there is a daily quest for 1 hunter scroll .some of daili quest are good too, like in frigos vilige ws's (witch let u farm ice kamas!) and sufokia one wich let u get nice bunch of kama. you can also get kamas by dropping items,but if you are a single player,i dont recommend to farming drop get minimal exp when you are a single player.i only recommend drop items when you have a team with 4 players.

if you have a level 160+ account,you can make 100000 kamas one hour easily by farm hard treasure hunts, it's more consistent and isn't Pvp.Use to complete the treasure hunts for you, makes it so much easier.treasure hunts its nice resource of kamas especialy if u conect it with arch need farm the highest level treasure hunts as you can,it will take a lot of work.

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