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How to Deliver EVE Online ISK?

After you take a lot of time on making eve isk and try to sell isk at playermall for good profit.How to you deliver isk to your customers safely without get detected by CPP EVE company. Both buyers and sellers should face this issue because CPP deemed the exchange of isk for real money is not allowed probably because it takes money away from them.Here are some few methods of transferring EVE ISK between you and your customer.


Let your customer create a public contact in your region,because public contract can only be accepted in the same region.we recommend using Jita 4 Moon 4 Caldari Navy Assembly Plant in The Forge region .First choose the station where your items are.Then check every Item you like to put into the Contract. We suggest put a junk item in contract.and then select the contract type.Contract Type:

Auction - Auction a pack of items and isk.
Item Exchange - Trading a pack of items and isk.
Courier - Hiring someone else to ship your Items from A to B.

After create the public contract,ask your customer the character name and the item name in contract. Because you can not see the character name in this contract,so it is more safe than private contract trade it is more safe for both buyers and sellers.There are two downsides to this method: the 1,4% fee .Contracts are a way of creating a formalized agreement between two entities for the transfer or transport of items and ISK. Unlike the trade window, a contract cannot be altered by the owner once it has been submitted, thus making scams much less likely (though far from impossible). Contracts may contain items not for sale on the regular regional market, such as blueprint copies or assembled/fitted ships, and in fact are the only way to sell such items outside of direct player-to-player trading.


Many games have marketplace.It is a auction house system in game.I also recommend use marketplace for eve isk trade,it is reallly safe.Ask your customer to sell a junk item in marketplace,list at the eve isk price you bought.and then tell you the item name and price.After you bought the item in marketplace,your customers will get the isk. But auction house need take some fees.The only downside to this solution are fees. There are two types of taxes, Brokers Fee is a 3% gross tax deducted for simply putting an item up on the marketplace and 2% deducted after the sale is done. When making this transaction you have to take into account the high, 5% cost and the fact that someone can try and make a duplicate posting (same item for the same price). But if you can handle those two things it’s a pretty good way of transferring EVE ISK to another player.


Personal contracts are way less obvious than a simple money wire. Your customer will simply create contract to your name for a specified amount. Private - Makes it only available to a single player or corporation which you specify in the textbox. You can accept private contracts in any eve space. Remember to use not-so-obvious items for contract trade, 1 tritanium sold for 20 billion ISK will simply look bad in logs. We recommend using BPC’s.


send money system is like a mail system in eve.Right click on their name,Choose Give Money,Fill in the amount and a reason,Send it.use this method when transferring ISK to a complete not safe.It will raise red flags. You can only send isk to your friends that have been playing for many years. if you want to send money to strangers ,you will get banned.dont send the isk to your friends by fresh account or  or “0SP” pilots.


Face to face trade is very easy and simple. just meet with your customers in the place,and open the trade window,let your customers put some junk items in the trade window. many game trade use this method like world of warcraft.face to face dont have fee and it is simple.But i dont recommend use face to face trade in eve online,it is not safe and easily get detected by ccp.and rises a lot of red flags.


The method usable only if you are trading items instead of ISK, like PLEX or Skill Injectors. You need invite your customer to the fleet,warp out to your safe spot in a shuttle filled with the items (google “how to create a safe spot” to learn more) wait for your customer to warp onto you in his pod, then simply eject the ship and let your client to take it over.Safe spotting can be an effective way to hide from an enemy attack. The goal of a safe spot is to create a spot in a system that cannot easily or normally be warped to. I only suggest high level players use this method to trade,because you and your customers need know how to create safe spot and how to detect danger attack.This trade method can hide the transaction from ccp.

What is EVE Online?

Eve Online is a space-based, persistent world massively multiplayer online role-playing game developed and published by CCP Games. This game release to China in 2006, it was operated by NetEase Game at August 1, 2018.
The game is based on the background of grand space and highly integrated with hard science fiction elements, showing players a free virtual universe sandbox world. EVE Online players can participate in a number of in-game professions and activities, including mining, piracy, manufacturing, trading, exploration, and combat.
The types of activities players can engage in increase with the learning of related skills. Even if the player is not online, the learning of skills in the game is always going on.

After over 13 years of paid subscriptions, EVE Online's recently revealed free-to-play experiment is now live. In a bid to boost its dwindling player base, CCP's latest expansion allows both new and existing players to explore the EVE universe for free.It is not pay to win not did you 'buy' the skills and now they should be yours in perpetuity. It is a subscription game and while you pay, you can play with all the skills that you have trained. Stop paying and you drop to the time-unlimited trial account with all the skill limits there-in.

"EVE Online" has won many world game awards including GDC, and won the title of "World's Best Game" many times in the most famous game website "MMORPG" in Europe and America.  Its exquisite production quality also makes it It is included in New York Museum of Modern Art and other well-known exhibition halls. Out of the sandbox concept, EVE Only have 1 server in the world Tranquility server and Chinese service (Chenxi).

How To Make EVE ISK Fast?

there are many ways to make eve isk in eve online,if you have a lot of time to play eve,i would recommend incursions to make isk. if you need work all day,i would suggest manufacturing and trading.

make profit by marketplace is the best method to make isk. trade items in game can make you a good profit. many eve players who earn tons of isk by trading goods.just buy cheap items in auction house, and resell it to other players for money.You need to compete with other players to get sales. You need find the station which has good orders with a decent margin, good turnover, and few competitors.Set up your buy and sell orders and trade away.

another method is do mining in eve online. you need get your mining skill maxed,you can get 15-30m isk for each fully fitted Mackinaw pilot .If you use a mackinaw with its large ore hold you can set your ship to mine large asteroids and then take care of other duties for up to 20–30 minutes. you can also go to mine the ice,but mine ice is not good,only have low profit.i dont recommend. another problem when mining is you will get ganked,you need take care your characters. so you need fit your mine ship.though you may get ganked,you will get a lot of isk from mining far more than get ganked.when you mining in single, the roundabout can be 2000W per hour. If the mining team has a whale bonus, it may be faster but there will be no qualitative changes.

manufacturing is very important in eve online,most things need player made themselves,players need a lot of resources to manufacture something.

There are several manufacturing methods in game,here is T1 production, invention and T2 production, POS module production, rig production, and T3 production.You should have a blueprint that  required materials for a single production cycle.You also need a manufacturing slot. You need get different types of materials and blueprints for different productions.T2 production needs blueprints that are invented and often materials from moon mining, T3 production need blueprints that are reverse engineered from wormhole sleeper loot and also materials from wormholes, rigs use salvaged materials and POS modules use materials from planetary interaction.

Skilled four-level mission party limit ship can reach four or five tasks in one hour, and anomalies at 00 can reach the level of 20 million to 6,000 every 20 minutes. For miners, they can dig 15 to 20 million mines per hour.Making 3-4B eve One day is easy. Another expedition, death, or something is red. 10-20B ISK is not a dream! Still looking for a better legion in 0.0. As the saying goes, you need to find a big tree if you want to die. You can salvage 1B ISK in the early days, and you can brush yourself abnormally in the later period. if your skills level are low 2000W earned. after your skills level goes high. 3000W-5000W earned. It is also very profitable to scan anything.

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