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How To Buy MUT Coins?

Choose your game platform: PS5, PC, Xbox One, and confirm the amount of madden coins you want to buy.

List any random worthless player cards in your Auctions and then set the Start bid price as random number.

The player card presented by the event can't be used for trading(Maple Card). Please DO NOT post the Maple Card on the Auction House, We can not found it.

Please set a higher bid price of your player card, or other cheat players will have a chance to place the bid, to impersonate your card.

We highly recommend to set the Auction Duration time for more than 24 hours.

Please input the player card name as the example image showes.

We will buy your player card off from the auction house, then you will get the coins to your account. if you choose to buy 100,000 Madden Coins, then we will ask you to list a player card for 100,000 BUY NOW Price.

The buy-now price of the player card should be the amount of mut coins you buy.

EA charge 10%  tax for all trades.Pls buy more coins if you want to get the full amount of can also negotiate with the sellers to talk if they would cover the 10% tax. 

How To Make Madden 21 Coins?

MUT Coins, also commonly known as Madden Coins, are a virtual currency used as a medium of trade within the hugely popular sports game called Madden NFL. Specifically used within the game mode called Ultimate Team that allows users to essentially build their ultimate dream roster of footballers.Madden Coins are the most important currency in madden nfl.You can use coins to buy the special player card,buy packs in game to build a ultimate team.Coins can be used to bid good items in auction house that have been submitted by other players. you can get coins by complete many different activities in game.

there are many methods to make madden coins ingame

- Auction house– Just buy the player card which have lower price than market value,and sell it high instant for good profit.You need know the player card market value.

this may be the best method to make coins, buy and sell player card in the auction house can be the fastest way to make coins,more faster than solo battles.

- Quicksell – You can buy the level packs that contain platinum players.You can quicksell those platinum player card in the market for extra coins.

- Completing Sets – Many Sets offer a Coin reward for completion,Do the Daily and Weekly Objectives for Coins and a free Pack

- Solo Battles– A single-player Solo Challenge match often includes Coins as a reward.You’ll get 1,000 coins for winning a match, and as your Battle Score increases you’ll get a nice return.You can get Legendary Rewards for solo battles.

- Do Some House Rules, Hd2Hd, Draft or Squads. Draft pays coins and packs for every win!

- EA SPORTS Gridiron Club – When a new MUT team is started, the user may have earned Coins for playing previous Madden games.

Buy coins from playermall is legit,you will never get your madden account banned. Playermall is a player to player gaming trade platform,all sellers are 100p% real players.your account info can not be stolen in playermall.We never store buyer's account info,we always provide 100% safe guarantee when trade dont choose any random phishing websites to buy coins,they will steal your account information.and take a high risk of get banned.

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