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I've been playing guild wars 2 for many years, seen many sellers and levelers arou...
Rachel   2015-04-24
I hardly ever buy gold online, whenever I do I seem to get very tense but playerma...
chrislikesjelly   2014-08-14

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i bought some guild wars 2 gold from is a big i ran into verification paypal got limited,so playermall live helper refund my order asap.and after i fixed my paypal account.i make another gw2 gold order.they mailed it to my char in 15 mins.playermall is really amazing.Very good service, will definitely use again.

Guild Wars 2 developed by the gaming giant's North American subsidiary ArenaNet NCSOFT ,it is a subvert the magical blood level 3D gaming masterpiece. "Guild Wars 2" have  a very broad adventure map, refreshing blood fighting the real sense, a unique epic story, and the dynamic events, world wars and other disruptive innovative gameplay, hundreds of millions of gamers waiting for the exciting mmorpg games.

"Guild Wars 2 gains the Cologne Game Show "Award for the best online games," European Game Show "Best of Show Game Awards", Paris Games Festival "Player's Choice" awards more than 100 games in the global, doing my first expect a gaming masterpiece. IGN gave the game authoritative media evaluation score 9 points, which is extremely rare in online games, and was awarded the "Best Online Game" U.S. "Time" magazine.



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