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Decent speed, good customer service too.
Mekutataki   2020-05-18
Linda was very helpful. Low prices as well. Thanks. For other customers who don'...
191188   2020-05-16
order received after some time and confusion
lain2501   2020-04-18
Got my gil in a nice timely fashion. Linda was very helpful with tracking my orde...
Happyhowie123   2020-04-11
Face to face or mail... I have ordered several times now with most of my purchases...
Jones123   2020-03-30
Transaction was smooth and fast. Will definitely hear from me again
cakeandbake   2015-10-28
I found this site to be extremely fast and well organized. When I had a question I...
Cook123   2015-04-24
Delivery was quick and easy, will buy from again.
zelda3232   2015-01-21

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 final fantasy xiv gil 100% Safe Guarantee

Making each trade natural
1. We never store your information or correspondence in each transaction.
2. We use VPN / Proxy to login our accounts and make transactions.
3. We only use dynamic VPN / Proxy. (IP changes all the time.)
4. We constantly use different accounts in each hour to make transactions.
5. We have strict sending amount limits on each sending accounts.
6. We have even more policies suggested by our community.
Keeping Each Trade Safe! (Further 5 Approaches)
1. Source of gold supply changes constantly.
2. 3-7 days of in-stock time to avoid tracking.
3. All sources of gold supply confirmed to be legitimate and manual.
4. 80% of contracted suppliers are ffxiv fanatics.
5. enough ffxiv gil stock all the time. Fast deliveries made by 6 teams 24/7 by shifts

 How To Trade FFXIV Gil?

We highly recommend to send ffxiv gil by moogle mailbox.moogle mailbox dont need your buyer stay online.if your buyer are not online in game,you can still send ffxiv gil.Seller will send a friend request to you,so pls accept the friend request before we can send gil.There will be a notification at the top of the screen when you receive the gil and fetch it from Delivery Moogle.The Moogle Delivery Service is a convenient way to send messages, items, and Gil to anyone on your Friend List. When you receive a message, a notification icon will display at the top of the screen. To view the message, simply speak with a delivery moogle at any city or need stay online after you make the order.because you need accept friend request before mail the ffxiv can contact our live chat to make trade we can tell you how to do fast.pls dont run dungeons raid after you make the order.

we can also do face to face trade in ffxiv cities.

Gridania – At one with the forest
Gridania lies in the heart of the Black Shroud, a huge, ancient forest. As you would guess, classes based in Gridania are in great parts based on natural harmony, hunting and surviving.

Ul’dah – Jewel of the Desert
If trading is your thing, then the city of Ul’dah is for you. The trading capital in the middle of a vast desert was built by busy Lalafell traders and is very proud of the riches it has amassed over time.
Limsa Lominsa – Bracing the Tides
If you always like a fresh breeze and green, fertile land next to a gorgeous beach, and the idea of seafood makes your mouth water, then Limsa Lominsa is the place for you.

face to face trade  is the most safe trade method in ffxiv.we recommend face to face trade.once you make an order,you can contact our live chat.then we will whisper you in game.and arrange a place to meet and trade.when you trade,pls put a item in trade window,so it looks like a real normal player trade.face to face trade can not be tracked by se company.never return your gil to any one include our seller.

another ffxiv gil trade method is by Market Board. but Market Board have 5% will get 5% less after cut the taxes. if you are busy and can not stay online in the game,you can use market board to trade ffxiv gil.Once you have chosen the item during checkout, we will ask for your retainer and retainer name. We also will need your retainer city, such as Limsa. Do not use Ishgard due to some additional costs. Just post a item in the market board,we will buy the item from the market,and you will get the gil you bought.dont post some junk items,post some item with some worth of varity.

Utilizing your Free Company chest is another way to receive your Gil.Any money you deposit in the Company Chest is added to whatever total your Free Company has placed in there already and its usage is determined by the FC Leader and/or Officers. Usually if you put money in the Company Chest and you aren't in leadership, you can't withdraw it ffxiv gil by free company chest may be the most safe trade can not be tracked by the square enix company. if you are the free company leader,it will be very easy to trade.if you are not the leader,pls tell your leader to allow you to deposit the gil.after you deposit the gil to your fc chest,any one who have the right to access the chest.make sure you trust everyone with access to your FC chest as we are not responsible for it after we complete the deposit.

why so many players buy ffxiv gil?because ffxiv gil is a currency used in ffxiv need a lot of gil to buy equipment and weapons from auction can farm gil by completing mini games, fighting and winning battles.but use those classes to buy gil really take too long time.ffxiv economy system create big demand.buying gil would help those players to save a lot of time.

 Can you get banned for buying FFXIV Gil?

if you know square enix company a lot ,they developed two mmorpg games like ffxi and ffxiv.they dont ban a lot of game accounts like blizzard.SE only ban ffxiv gil sellers and those farmers who use bot to farm gold.they dont allow players to use hacks to destroy the game. if players farm gil by 100% hand work, they will never ban your account.SE also never ban gil buyers,because those gil buyers are real players,they just dont want to spend a lot of time on farming gold.they buy ffxiv gil from legit players on,and spend gil in game to buy epic items and gears to power level their account.

playermall's seller accounts which deliver to its customers are with normal character names and level. all sellers at are normal game players not gil farmers.if you did not talk buying gil in game channel,you will never get banned.all sellers at playermall never use bots to farm gold,they farm gil by 100% hand work.we know that all customer's game account is very important,so we will never store customer's game account info.

FFXIV Gil is the in-game virtual currency used in Final Fantasy XIV. The inception of Gil starts by lore from the in-game region of Eorzea. Gil improves trade between cities and an essential foundation of the game's economy.Gil can be earned by completing quests, FATEs, duties, and other activities.Gil can be used to purchase items from shops and from the market board.

i am a dude who love peace. the online games in the market is  too misappropriating too violent, if you spend more money in the game or you have better equipp,you can kill other people so easy. Children are getting bad too. But Some games may also encourage players to misappropriating kill in the game. Especially that shiYuzhu. There is no justice. the national cultural sector should control this.

Want to talk about FF14, because of the environment in real life, i don't play  the Final Fantasy series of games much, but played at a small netbar in the stand-alone previously , so i can not represent the Final Fantasy series of games real fans reviews. So I only talk about my personal review. at least FF14 is the only game I want to play this year, even if i can not get the test code, I will go to buy a cd key , no matter how much it cost.

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