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Even I messed up the server at the order, the support was really helpful and every...
Jones123   2020-03-30
how much longer do i have to wating for delivering plat to me?
goverment2005   2015-07-04
Great service anyone should try them!!!!!!!!!!!!!
cavsgt   2015-03-23
No Comment , at the end i got my Platin but it was not easy.... Hopefully my wish...
lllskiplll   2015-03-05
If you are a patient person, very worth it. I was concerned to buy at first, but I...
[email protected]   2014-12-09

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1. We never store your information or correspondence in each transaction.
2. We use VPN / Proxy to login our accounts and make transactions.
3. We only use dynamic VPN / Proxy. (IP changes all the time.)
4. We constantly use different accounts in each hour to make transactions.
5. We have strict sending amount limits on each sending accounts.
6. We have even more policies suggested by our community.
Keeping Each Trade Safe! (Further 5 Approaches)
1. Source of
rift platinum supply changes constantly.
2. 3-7 days of in-stock time to avoid tracking.
3. All sources of gold supply confirmed to be legitimate and manual.
4. 80% of contracted suppliers are wow fanatics.
5. 100000 in stock all the time. Fast deliveries made by 6 teams 24/7 by shifts

Feedback from our cutomers:

i bought 5000p rift platinum from,they always find a solution to fix my problems.i am too lag on the internet.but they are really nice.they wait for me.they mailed the platinum instead.i got ripped off by so many other company.i am really happy i found a great rift gold seller.i don't need google to find gold seller now.i will stick with you

Rift : Planes of Telara is a collection of Warcraft (wow), fantasy Wind multiplayer online role Warhammer OL (warhammer), EverQuest (EQ) and Shadowbane (SB) of the merits playing games, including tasks like wow / copy, warhammer battle / Public Quest system, a unique talent skill system, EQ's raid and SB battle rhythm.
the Developers is the U.S. game maker Trion, the father of the classic game "Heroes of Might (Might & Magic)" by Jon Van Caneghem created, production team is led by a former production director Scott Hartsmann EQ and EQ2, and there are a number of creative staff genesis is a task from the network (Ultima Online), endless 2. Cracks: Te Lana domain of God invested over 50 million U.S. dollars, in March 2011 the North American market.

why rift fail in china?

We have yet to figure out what the game is, they spent millions of dollars brought in Wade, MaggieQ,  Adam Lambert three star endorsement, burn the money!
With the hand swim, swim platforms such as the rise of pages, many players being transferred to casual games, a lot of people have been reluctant to try again mmorpg game.
"rift" Select card charges is indeed very brave, but the mall two hours of double experience points to sell 500 coupons is how is it?


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